Buffy’s birthday is on January 19th (which happens to be when issue #40 comes out). So we’re throwing her a birthday party, and you’re invited!

KabaLounge.com asks:  If you could give Buffy Summers one birthday gift, what would it be?

Send us your creative idea for the perfect birthday gift for Buffy.

“And what do I get?!” you ask.

One (1) winner will receive a page of original art from Season 8 drawn by Georges Jeanty!

We’ll keep THE RULES simple:

  1. Send us your idea by leaving a comment at the bottom of our contest page. Go to www.kabalounge.com or go directly to our contest page by pasting this address in your browser: http://kabalounge.com/kaba/2011/01/11/buffy-bday-cont-page
  2. Gift idea can be no more than 140 characters (with spaces).
  3. You can send as many gift ideas as you like.  One gift idea per comment.
  4. The gift idea can be sensible or as outrageous as you want it to be.  Some of the better suggestions will be posted on the Lounge.
  5. Deadline for entries are 12:00pm EST, January 17, 2011.
  6. The winner will be announced on KabaLounge.com, 12:00pm EST, on January 19, 2011.
  7. If there are similar entries they will be judged on creativity and originality, so put your thinking caps on and give us your best.  Remember, it’s for Buffy!
  8. Judging will be done by the Lounge, and all decisions will be final.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!  Good luck!KabaLounge Webmaster

181 thoughts

  1. One gift that is sure to make Buffy’s birthday wish list is Giles. Now that he’s dead, if there’s any one person in her life that she wishes she could bring back, it’s him.

  2. If I could give Buffy any wish, it’d be Tara. Buffy has never really cared about her own happiness, thinking of her friends first.

  3. Considering the hectic year it’s been, a gift of a spa day would be seriously appreciated by any girl! Complete the new life with a new look!

  4. A permanent human Angel so she can have what she had in the episode,”I Will Remember You” but for keeps this time.

  5. Photo album filled with gleaned images of those she loves(d). Life is so fragile and heartbreaking she needs a physical reminder of “why”

  6. I would pay Warren to build for her a robot that is half Angel and half Spike. She picks what halves she wants from each 😛

  7. her mom…Joyce coming back for one entire day as but not as a ghost so that buffy be able to hug her.

  8. A ‘normal’ slayer life! Some vamps, some demons, but no yearly apocalypse where she looses at least one friends or family member!

  9. When she went to the future (in the ‘time of your life’ part of season 8) for the future not to end up that way

  10. An Army. What’s that you say? She already has one? Well, I’d just go with some extra-comfy slippers that match her yummy sushi pajamas!

  11. To quote Buffy (in “The Gift”), “I just wish my mom was here,” so that’s what I’d give her… at a party where monsters don’t crash

  12. her own duster, so she can Spike and Angel how much cooler she is then either of them (well maybe not Spike).

  13. I would get Buffy a nice normal guy who doesn’t care she is a slayer, one she can grow old with.

  14. A personal door to another dimension where she can have a normal life for a few days, like the universe Lindsey was in, without the torture!

  15. My gift to her would be that everyone successfully defeated Hollywood and there will never be a Joss-less Buffy movie.

  16. If possible for Buffy’s birthday I would give her a vacation to anywhere in the world, where she has no demons, vampires, or supernatural issues.

  17. A gift pack containing Penutbutter and Choc-chip cookiedough icecream (‘the perfect yum’ she had with angel) she won’t recall eating it with angel, but she will be like “wow thats my fav, how did you know?”

  18. An opportunity to live to a ripe old age of 101, and die smiling thinking “I lived almost as long as my two vampire boyfriends.”

  19. I would also have Dr Drew be her doctor for when she gets sick, or depressed, or anxious. He is the best doctor ever, and Buffy deserves the very best!

  20. A birthday that’s not drama filled and horrible… The sort of day that would make the most boring episode ever.

  21. Angel: The Complete Series on DVD. She can experience the joy of Angel and Wes dancing and the hilarity that is the “wee little puppet man.”

  22. Buffy was in heaven for a while, how about a day like that, not only for Buffy, but for everyone.

  23. A week at ice-skating camp with former Olympians, so she can have something pure and innocent and untouched by death or violence.

  24. I would dress up as the Primitive, say “Death is your gift!” and then jump around on the furniture until everybody left.

  25. I would give her back the memory of the day in the Episode “I Will Remember You” where she should have become pregnant with Angel’s child.

  26. A jar of peanut butter, cookie dough-fudge-mint chip ice cream and another magical day with Angel as a normal girl with her normal boyfriend

  27. I would get search the world for Kiltipzy’s Phone Booth, a mythical item displayed in the back of Reinhart’s Compendium. This item is said to have preternatural powers. Once entered, the participator is able to communicate with any being that has passed the moral coil. This would allow her to converse with Giles and Joyce. It might even come in handy in season 9 if any of the guys wanna pop in and give Wes a shout out. Happy Birthday Buffy! Love, Nick, the Crappy Gift Slayer

  28. I would search the world, far and wide,for Kiltipzy’s Phone Booth, a mythical item displayed in the back of Reinhart’s Compendium. This item is said to have preternatural powers. Once entered, the participator is able to communicate with any being that has passed the moral coil. This would allow her to converse with Giles and Joyce. It might even come in handy in season 9 if any of the guys wanna pop in and give Wes a shout out. Happy Birthday Buffy! Love, Nick, the Crappy Gift Slayer

  29. I would resurrect her mom, and then bring her into our universe so she can knock some sense into the Kazuis.

  30. Her friends and family to be together and happy. Buffy’s Happiness has always come second to her. So as much as she would want something for herself. I see her doing all she can to make sure the people she love stay safe through the dark times obviously ahead

  31. I would go out, find The Doctor, and have her see the universe and its entirety in the TARDIS. Don’t worry she’ll have planty of time.

  32. I’d go with her to change “planty” into plenty. Then while she is off seeing the stars I will make the Buffy reboot not happen before she gets back.

  33. Finally, I’ll beg The Doctor *cough cough* for an autograph and a Sonic Screwdriver for Buffy with The Sythe laser etched into it.

  34. * Correction – the opportunity to go back in time and change one thing she’d like. (No consequences)

  35. I would get Buffy a chance to have a normal life, whether she would take it or not that’s up to her.

  36. A box of cookies that say “I’m done.” and a tag that reads “To: Angel From: Cookie me”.

  37. Lip gloss (preferably cinnamon) so she won’t keep moochin’ off Satsu… actually the lip gloss led to some pretty juicy moments so… a date with JAMES SPADER!

    He NEEDS to call her!

  38. In my opinion, the best gift she could hope, is to reborn with a normal life (not as a slayer) far away from monsters and vampires in acknowledgement of her sacrifices to fight the apocalypse many times!

  39. I would give Buffy the chance to regain the innocent feelings she had before being Chosen,by giving her the oppurtunity to ice skate with her childhood idol Dorothy Hamill

  40. A mystical Easy Bake Oven with an existential cookie dough timer to keep Buffy on track with her love life. Now with cinnamon lip gloss accessories!

  41. “Yummy sushi” pajamas. Cause Buffy’s old pair (Season 4) probably got destroyed when Sunnydale bit the dust, and she needs a new pair now.

  42. A rocket launcher that’s “her color” this time. It’s up to her what that means, but I’m guessing something in a pink with louis vuitton lining. Spoil her, it’s her birthday.

  43. I would give Buffy a man who loves her what she are, what she does, what she tries, a man who loves the best and the worst of her, a man who understands her perfectly clear what she is, a man who never would leave her, a man who would die for her, i.e. SPIKE. That would the BEST birthday present for her! BUT if I had Spike I never would give him as a birthday gift. I would keep him for myself! Sorry, I’m selfish! LOL

  44. An happy slayer training school with giles at the head of it plus right to use the school credit card for her personnal expenses!

  45. i would give Buffy back everything she’s lost or ever had to sacrifice, w/o taking away the strength she gained from each experience. i would also throw in a healthy retirement package, so she could ‘lay her arms down at last’, complete with the knowledge that those she loves are safe and happy 🙂

  46. For Buffy’s birthday she should receive a an alternate world to pop into and live for a while where she can live a normal life and experience what that is like. Time will remain still in her “real world” while she does this and she can return back to her world when she is ready.

  47. A cheese plate and all of her family and friends (living and deceased) to enjoy it with her. Come on, we know she likes cheese!

  48. A unique edition of her Vampyr book (cover by Jo Chen and all interior illustrations by Georges Jeanty)

  49. Buffy gets the gift of never aging (so we can have season 9, 10 ,11, 12 etc without age becoming an issue)

  50. A subscription to the “Cheese of the Month” club. The gift that keeps on giving.

  51. To Wake up one day and have Angel and Spike lying in the bed with her with nothing on lol, And satsu serving breakfast for buffy.

  52. You know that scnee in Sweet Home Alabama where Reese Witherspoon gets to pick out any ring she wants? I’d give Buffy that but with shoes.

  53. A super pair of boots that, when worn by Buffy, will ensure that no one who is faithful to her will ever be harmed or killed

  54. Pat Benatar performs “Promises in the Dark” at the Bronze. Oz plays solo. Slayers and Vamps have a dance off doing Benatar dance moves.

  55. The big 3-0, How many slayers make it to that? Buffy should get a spiffy plaque or shiny button “I’m a slayer ask me how… I got to 30!”

  56. BIRTHDAY MUSICAL shall we? Yaaay! But this time, Lady Gaga is pulling the strings! With all the glitter and the leather (and meat), Buffy can’t take all the bizarre costume changes so her wish will be Musical #2 to just END already. But wait, suddenly the Scooby’s are adored by the gays do to their Gaga inspired break-away-pop-hits and suddenly ALL is forgiven for Buffy’s Season 8 shenanigans!

  57. Possibly another “sprinkles” moment…? And I’m not taking about the birthday cake.

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