Weapon X (2002-2004) #11

With Mesmero’s powers gone, he is sent to the Neverland Concentration Camp! Will Washout take out The Director before he is dealt the same hand?

Weapon X (2002-2004) #8

Cable’s anger is fueled even further while collecting intel on the Neverland Concentration Camp and Weapon X. Meanwhile, The Director is seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.

Weapon X (2002-2004) #6

Someone was bound to stop the madness happening at the Neverland Concentration Camp – Cable gathers a group of mutants who plan on bringing the sham DOWN.

Weapon X (2002-2004) #5

Neverland Concentration Camp for Mutants is up and running, ready to experiment on and annihilate mutants. First up – an entire FAMILY of mutants!

Weapon X (2002-2004) #4

Jeffries finishes building the secret concentration camp for mutants, commissioned by The Director! Meanwhile, Wild Child is reminded of Sabretooth’s fight with Aurora.

Weapon X (2002-2004) #3

It is revealed that Sabretooth has been selling information about Weapon X to foreign intelligence…will this make it easier for Agent Zero to kill him?

Weapon X (2002-2004) #2

Can Aurora and Wild Child survive a trap set by the preying Sabretooth? The Director has a plan for the menacing mutant -Weapon Zero!