Weapon X (2002-2004) #19

Marrow’s out of Weapon X and becomes the leader of Gene Nation, a mutant band. Meanwhile, Chamber makes a shocking discovery about Weapon X’s future.

Weapon X (2002-2004) #18

Chamber completes his first mission for Weapon X per Agent Jackson’s request. But can he live with his conscience now that the deed is done?

Weapon X (2002-2004) #17

Wolverine confronts Chamber about his joining of Weapon X. Will it be enough to dissuade ‘Jono’ from completing his first mission – killing the genetic manipulator John Sublime?

Weapon X (2002-2004) #16

Heartbroken and vulnerable, Chamber goes on a special mission assigned by The Director. Will Chamber be able to prove himself as a valuable asset to Weapon X?

Weapon X (2002-2004) #14

A flashback issue. At the height of WWII, Mister Sinister was working on some special mutant experiments for the Nazis…

Weapon X (2002-2004) #12

Cable’s plan is in motion! He and his team of double agents attack the Weapon X compound. How will The Director handle such a betrayal?

Weapon X (2002-2004) #11

With Mesmero’s powers gone, he is sent to the Neverland Concentration Camp! Will Washout take out The Director before he is dealt the same hand?

Weapon X (2002-2004) #8

Cable’s anger is fueled even further while collecting intel on the Neverland Concentration Camp and Weapon X. Meanwhile, The Director is seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.