Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Volume 4: Welcome to the Team (Trade Paperback)


Buffy is unwillingly recruited by the demon Illyria and a mystical council to take down the Siphon—for good. He is on the loose again, and a danger to all remnants of magic! Meanwhile, back home the loss of magic has begun to affect those closest to Buffy . . . Collects issues #16-#20 of Season 9.

* Executive produced by Joss Whedon!

* Andrew Chambliss of television’s The Vampire Diaries and Once Upon a Time!


Writer:  Andrew Chambliss
Penciller:  Georges Jeanty, Karl Moline
Inker:  Dexter Vines, Andy Owens
Colorist:  Michelle Madsen
Cover Artist:  Jo Chen

Release Date:  October 02, 2013
Format:  FC, 136 pages; TP, 7″ x 10″
Publisher:  Dark Horse Comics

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