American Way: Those Above and Below (Paperback)

From Vertigo/DC Comics

Academy Award-winning writer John Ridley (12 Years a Slave, Three Kings) offers an alternate U.S. history in the thrilling graphic novel THE AMERICAN WAY, now in a brand-new 10th Anniversary Edition!

From writer John Ridley (Oscar-winning screenwriter of 12 Years a Slave and creator of TV’s American Crime) and artist Georges Jeanty (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight, Serenity: No Power in the ‘Verse) comes the sequel to the hit miniseries AMERICAN WAY with AMERICAN WAY: THOSE ABOVE AND BELOW!

It’s been a decade since the Civil Defense Corps was exposed as a fraud created by the U.S. Government for propaganda purposes. While most of the heroes who survived the catastrophe have retired or disappeared, the New American still carries on, trying to keep communities safe amid the social turmoil of the 1970s. But with the nation split in two over civil rights and the changing political landscape, this isn’t easy. Some of the American’s former colleagues are on opposite sides of the law: Amber Waves joined a group of domestic terrorists, while Missy, a.k.a. Ole Miss, has thrown her hat into the political ring. As the ground shifts beneath his feet and new threats arise, which side will the American choose?

This graphic novel sequel unites the original creative team of Ridley and Jeanty, as well as moves the story forward in history, factoring in how real-life events might be affected by the presence of superheroes, and how those events change the heroes in turn. Collects THE AMERICAN WAY #1-6.

Art by: Georges Jeanty
Cover by: Georges Jeanty
Written by: John Ridley

U.S. Price: 16.99
On Sale Date: April 24, 2018

“Academy Award–winning screenwriter Ridley has created a thrilling sequel to his 2007 graphic novel, The American Way, a superhero saga based on the racial conflicts of 1960s America. That work, while not requisite reading to dive into this volume, is helpful background, as it sets up the scenario: that a secret program in the U.S. government created an all-white group of superbeings who fight staged battles designed to deceive the public about the administration’s ability to respond to supervillain threats. This “wag the dog” spectacle helps keep the government in power. When the President decides to add a black superbeing, Jason Fisher, to placate civil rights leaders, the scheme collapses into a horrific superbeing race war. The sequel picks up in the 1970s, as Fisher remains a supervigilante, though now perceived as a governmental Uncle Tom by other black Americans. Some of the superbeings, such as Amber Waves, a Green Lantern–like heroine, are now disillusioned and refuse to continue acting as government dupes. She turns to violent protest, leading a guerilla war for racial justice. Other recurring characters—like the Secret Agent, a sharpshooter, are still with team government, and Ole Miss, who can manipulate time, is now a Mississippi politician reluctantly campaigning on a racist platform—are joined by new faces like Nikki Lau (daughter of slain Asian-American villain Red Terror), a young revolutionary seeking answers about her father’s death. Jeanty’s drawings are skillful and dramatic. Ridley has pulled off an action-packed, yet thoughtful, continuation of this powerful series, centered around a cast of superheroes trapped and demoralized by the deadly consequences of their acts.” (Apr.)

Publishers Weekly

Published by Vertigo Comics and available anywhere comic book and graphic novels are sold.


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