New 2019 #Kickstarter Backer Reward Level Added!

Greetings, Kaba-Lounger!

We’re in the home stretch with less than 10 days to go for my first Kickstarter and if you’re one of my backers – THANKS SO MUCH!  If you haven’t backed me yet, there’s still time!

New Backer Reward Level!

I’ve added an awesome $200 Backer Reward Level that features a convention-style sketch that you can pin-up or frame.

This new level:

  • DOES include the items listed at the lower levels, except for the sketch inside the book
  • CAN be switched to, if you backed me at a lower level
  • Is NOT included with the higher tiers (just for the $200 level only)

Above is an example of a convention sketch I did recently, just to give you an idea… it’s The War Doctor from Doctor Who.  But you can choose any character, as long as it’s a known and published character.

Thank you again for supporting this project!

All the Best,

– Georges