SDCC ’11: What’s next for ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer?


The eighth season of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” from Dark Horse Comics had romance, deaths, an unexpected villain and basically everything that we had come to expect from the TV series on which it was based.

So how do you follow that?

“We’ll be getting back to the mandate of the show,” said creator Joss Whedon. “We got very epic with season eight as much as we could, but we got kinda lost in it.”

Whedon said that Buffy will return to being a waitress as she had been a few times during the TV series. “She is no longer a general. Not a lot of people go through the ‘general’ phase. She is in that early 20s thing of seeking. When you no longer have the weight of the world on your shoulders, you have to figure out who you are.”

Whedon is writing the first issue of the season, and so far has been overseeing the rest. “I would like to get back to it as soon as I come up for air,” he said, in reference to his current gig directing “Marvel’s The Avengers.” (He also told CNN that he is “plugging away” at one day getting a “Dr. Horrible”sequel made.)

Penciler Georges Jeanty told CNN that going into the last season, and not having previously been a fan of the character, he was surprised by how intense the interest was from the fans in Buffy, and especially whom she was dating.

“It has touched so many people in so many ways that, I told Joss, that is almost the worst thing you can do is make people feel for Buffy so much so that they feel like they own Buffy. You get a lot of opinions,” he said.
If the past eight seasons are any indication, there will be plenty of opinions to be shared by fans in the months ahead, as new adventures of Buffy hit comic book stores in September, with potentially many, many more seasons to come.

“There is no end in sight. There is no J.K. Rowling end-it-all game plan,” Whedon said. “Buffy is still going through life, and as long as she still has one, there are stil stories to tell.”

SDCC ’11: Georges Meets CNN iReporters at Comic-Con


Comic-Con is the perfect time and place for iReporters to meet up and connect. Award winning chef and former ‘Cheftestant’ on ‘Top Chef’ Brian Marlarkey hosted the group at his restaurant Searsucker. Also joining the group was ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ penciler, Georges Jeanty, and iReporter and ‘Robotech’ creative director Tommy Yune.

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Buffy News at WonderCon 2011!

At WonderCon 2011, Darkhorse gave the official word that Georges will be back for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9.  With the first issue due out this September,  Season 9 will be shorter than last season, a 25-issue run this time.  Editor Scott Allie confirmed that Willow and Spike will be making appearances in this new season.

Below are a few links to articles and videos taken at WonderCon 2011 as the official news broke:

“Hi folks! We’ve returned from WonderCon 2011 with an exclusive interview with Buffy Season 9 artist Georges Jeanty and the newly announced writer of Angel & Faith, Christos Gage! Watch the video below to hear about their plans for the Whedon universe:”


This weekend at WonderCon it was confirmed, to the relief of fans, that acclaimed comic artist Georges Jeanty would return to pencil Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9. Jeanty’s pencils combine the best traditions of American comics draftsmanship with a European flair that made Season 8 a smash hit with fans and proved the Buffy saga could continue beyond the television show. I spoke briefly with Jeanty about his return to the Chosen One.   READ FULL ARTICLE HERE!

Dark Horse’s Jeremy Atkins, Scott Allie, and Sierra Hahn were on board at WonderCon to give fans the skinny on what they can expect from their several titles based on Joss Whedon creations:   READ FULL ARTICLE HERE!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 will premiere in September with Whedon himself co-writing the first issue with Andrew Chambliss. Fans of Season 8 comic book series will feel right at home with the art, as Georges Jeanty will be returning for the new season.   READ FULL ARTICLE HERE!

In an interview with Assignment X, Allie said Willow will still be dealing with her unresolved feelings toward Tara in the new season. He said:   FULL ARTICLE HERE!

Dragon Con 2010: Buffy Season 8 Panel (WARNING: SPOILERS)


Finally! Here is Dragon Con’s massive Buffy Season 8: Looking Back panel, starring Buffy artist Georges Jeanty and editor Scott Allie! They answered as many questions as they possibly could (WARNING: SPOILERS if you’re not caught up with issue #36). Here are a couple of highlights:

•Scott Allie definitively announced that he does NOT hate Spike
•Georges Jeanty reveals his original wish, which was to bring Kristy Swanson’s likeness into Season 8 as Buffy’s–older sister?
•Dark Horse has pretty much settled on an artist for Angel










Dragon Con 2010: Georges Interview


“One of the highlights of Dragon Con this year was our excellent interview with Georges Jeanty, artist of Buffy Season 8! Here, we try to pry answers out of him about the final issues of Buffy Season 8, ask him about his personal highlights, and ask what’s up with Buffy Season 9!”